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We work with local producers in different parts of the world, to identify, develop & promote unique local products to a select clientele.

The producers are selected based on their produce, their region & their philosophy. We work very closely with our producers & we engage in collaborative local projects. Our projects are focused on creativity, quality & safeguarding the sustainability of our producers.

We understand our clients' needs & provide tailored solutions including products, experiences & contents. We mainly work with brand owners, spice merchants, perfume makers & retailers. We do not offer retail sales or online sales but if you would like to contact us please use the Contact Us page.

In today's world, where anything can be produced anywhere, we feel it is important that, as consumers, we focus on the products’ origins and provenance.

Our origins

Respecting the past, living in the present and looking into the future


Our story begins in the year 1921 in Kerala, a tiny state on the south-western tip of India. A young man called Ittiyera leaves his village and, full of hope and dreams, migrates to a small market town called Palakkad.


Ittiyera starts a small business, P. K. Ittiyera & Sons, trading in coconut oil - a much sought after commodity - after spending a few years working for established traders and learning the trade.


Trade flourishes and the business builds a solid reputation for trading in only the best quality of oil. Gradually the family moves into production by establishing a mill.

2012 -

Still successfully producing and trading from its original location, World of Origins is the creation of the family's 3rd generation. Based in the UK and built on the vision of high quality, World of Origins aspires to create new avenues for a select group of local producers and global clients.