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Harrods – London

One of our first client back in 2013 was Harrods, the world’s leading luxury department store. We launched our premium K BY TYNDIS organic virgin coconut oil in Harrods. It was time when virgin coconut oil was just becoming known to the wider world.

We worked closely with Harrods to promote this product doing tasting & awareness events.

In the beginning of 2016, we launched MIASA luxury saffron. Experts in saffron, Miasa worked directly with producers to offer this exquisite spice which became very popular with the Harrods clientele.

Andreas of Chelsea Green – London

We have been working with Andreas, often referred to as the Greengrocer to the stars and the Michelin Chefs, from the very beginning. A family run business Andreas only selects the best in each category for his shop.

Beginning with our range of organic virgin coconut oil to now supplying a range of premium spices it has been a please sure to work with Andreas, the finest Greengrocer in London.

Our new range of premium spices for Andreas

premium spices for Andreas

Daniel Galmiche

A Michelin Starred chef since 1990, Daniel practised in London with the help of the great French chef Michel Roux. He got his first Michelin Star at Knockingam Lodge Hotel.

He maintained his Michelin stars at the at the famous Harvey’s Bristol Restaurant and the Ortolan. He was the Great Chef at Cliveden House and won the Michelin Star again in 2006. Followed by Eden and Le Cerise Forbury and the Vineyard in Newbury.

Daniel has also written numerous successful cookbooks.

Daniel is working with us to range a selection of the finest spices.



Sustainable Luxury - The Wayanadan TGSEB

Believed to be the first identified variety of black pepper in the world, the Wayanadan stands out for its size, colour, flavour and aroma.

The TGSEB is officially the highest-grade of black pepper in the world. TGSEB stands for Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold. There is common misunderstanding that Tellicherry is a variety of pepper. It is just a grading standard.

In order to be graded as TGSEB each peppercorn has to be at least 4.75mm in diameter and less than 10% of the entire pepper crop makes this grade.  But the uniqueness of the Wayanadan variety means that almost 85% of the Wayanadan crop makes the TSGSEB grade.

The provenance and the spice trade

To be classified as Wayanadan, the pepper has to be sourced from a specific variety of the plant called 'The Wayanadan' that grows only in the region of Wayanad on the Western Ghats of Kerala –India. This unique variety is mainly found in the Mananthavady region within Wayanad.

History mentions it was the Wayanadan peppercorns that brought the famed European explorer Vasco da Gama to Kerala in the year 1498.

The fading Wayanadan pepper story

Due to low yield, expensive farming conditions, and lack of demand from big buyers, the Wayanadan variety of pepper has almost become extinct. Local farmers are replacing it with higher yielding and hybrid varieties.

This project is trying to revive this unique variety of black pepper and thereby also establish and protect the identity of Wayanad as the home of pepper.

We embarked on this project in year 2013 and the challenges were many including not enough Wayanadan plants to creating an exclusive sourcing, grading and processing channel. The produce sourced from each farmer is recorded under the project. So far we have 16 farmers from whose farms we source the Wayanadan. In the very first year we managed a mere 151 kg of pure Wayanadan and this has since grown to over 650 kg in 2018.

Vintage 2015 Grand Cru

We recorded the very first vintage in the year 2015. An exceptional year for the Wayanadan in terms of the yield, the appearance and the flavour.