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Product Name:
Greek Saffron

Our Greek saffron comes from the Kozani Saffron Producers Cooperative in Greece. There are about 1000 members in the cooperative and it has the complete responsibility of collecting, processing, packing and distributing the saffron in order to ensure its quality.

Saffron has been cultivated in the region of Kozani since the 17th century.

Provenance / origin:
Kozani – Greece
Preparation and usage:
Fantastic for preparation of speciality foods, cheese making, confectionery, distillery, etc
Tasting / special notes:

Moisture and Volatile Matter: max 12

Picrocrocin (category 1): min 70

Safranal: 20 < x < 50

Colouring strength: category Ι: min 200, category II: min 170, category III: min 120