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Product Name:
Indian Vanilla

Our Indian vanilla comes from the South of India along the Western Ghats. A world heritage hotspot the region is known for its fertile soil and medicinal plants.

We work with a producer who is amongst the best in the world when it comes to vanilla.

Provenance / origin:
Along the Western Ghats – India
Preparation and usage:
Ideal for cooking, baking, ice-creams. Food industries
Tasting / special notes:

Aspect: Plump and aromatic.

Colour: Dark reddish black.

Smell: A mixture of vanilla and chocolate. 

Taste: Fresh vanilla with undertones of dark chocolate. 

Chef & consumer range:
Gourmet Vanilla Beans (Pods), Powder, Paste and a range of Extract (1 Fold to 10 Fold). A range of CO2 Extracts.
For industry:
Extraction Vanilla Beans (Pods), Exhausted or Spent Vanilla Fibre, Powder, Seeds