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Product Name:
Madagascan Vanilla

Our Madagascan vanilla comes from the Sava region in northern Madagascar. This region situated on the northern part of the east coast of the country is often referred to as the Vanilla capital of the world. This region is the world’s largest producer especially the much sought-after Bourbon Vanilla variety.

Provenance / origin:
Sava – Madagascar
Preparation and usage:
Ideal for cooking, baking, ice-creams. Food industries
Tasting / special notes:

Aspect: Plump and aromatic.

Colour: Dark reddish black.

Smell: A mixture of vanilla and chocolate. 

Taste: Fresh vanilla with undertones of dark chocolate. 

Chef & consumer range:
Gourmet Vanilla Beans (Pods), Powder, Paste and a range of Extract (1 Fold to 10 Fold). A range of CO2 Extracts, Vanilla Caviar.
For industry:
Extraction Vanilla Beans (Pods), Exhausted or Spent Vanilla Fibre, Powder, Seeds