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Product Name:
Wayanadan TGSEB Black Peppercorns Vintage 2015 Grand Cru

Known but rarely experienced since 1498.

The Vintage 2015 Grand Cru is now limited to the last few bottles. 2015 was an exceptional year for the Wayanadan. Abundant rainfall during the monsoons of 2014 helped this crop. The Vintage 2015 Grand Cru Wayanadan is exceptional in appearance, taste and aroma. A collectors item this will soon go into the personal collection where it will be aged for years.

K BY TYNDIS Wayanadan TGSEB pepper is believed to be amongst the first identified varieties of pepper. Officially the highest grade of black pepper in the world, the TGSEB stands out for its size, colour, flavour and aroma and less than 10% of the entire crop makes this grade. In order to be graded as TGSEB each peppercorn has to be at least 4.75mm in diameter.

To be classified as Wayanadan TGSEB the pepper has to be sourced traditionally from a specific variety of the plant called 'The Wayanadan' that grows only in Wayanad in Kerala.

History mentions it was the Wayanadan peppercorns that brought the famed European explorer Vasco da Gama to Kerala in the year 1498.

Provenance / origin:
Kerala, India
Pure Black Peppercorns
Preparation and usage:
Fantastic for seasoning food and cocktails. Excellent on scrambled eggs or a nice piece of steak. A little goes a long way.
Tasting / special notes:

Aspect - Big, bold and aromatic.
Colour - Dark reddish black.
Smell - Rich essential oils giving a fruity aroma.  
Taste - Fresh and fruity with a hint of citrus and pine.

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