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Kozani Saffron Producers Cooperative

The Gold of the Greek Earth

Cleopatra used it in her cosmetics, ancient Phoenicians in their offers to Goddess Astarte, Homer mentioned it in his writings, while we still find it in The Old Testament.

Saffron, the Gold of Greek Earth as it is called, was among the most popular and valuable spices of ancient civilizations, for its flavor, colour, pharmaceutical and aphrodisiac properties.

Greek Saffron and the Cooperative Saffron has been cultivated in the region of Kozani since the 17th century, thereby giving the locals considerable experience in the producing the highest quality of saffron.

The Cooperative of Saffron was founded in 1971. It consists of around 1,000 members and is the exclusive producer of Kozani saffron. The Cooperative and its exclusive rights ensure the highest quality of PDO Kozani saffron.

Saffron Filaments & Powders. Organic Saffron Filaments & Powders. Only the highest grade of PDO saffron is handled by us working with the Cooperative.