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Time is the most important ingredient

From the land of the Ferrari, Lamborghini & Maserati and from the cradle of the tortellini, ham and Lambrusco wine comes the finest P.D.O traditional balsamic vinegars.

Aged for decades, using traditional methods in the finest wood barrels, these vinegars come exclusively from the province of Modena in Italy. Where the product ages to perfection thanks to the unique climatic conditions.

During the long ageing process in a set of barrels made of different types of wood, the product acquires its amazing and distinguishing features. A unique sensory experience. A burst of spontaneous joy for the palate, a sublime Italian flavour. An almost obsessive attention to detail, our project with L-Originale see us working together to offer you only the best traditional Balsamico.

We currently only offer traditional I.G.P & D.O.P. Balsamico that is aged over 12 years in wooden barrels as instructed by traditions. The founders of L-Originale have a great passion for their region, for the fruits growing there and for the craftsmanship that’s been passed on for generations.