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A community of organic farmers

Nestled high among the mist-capped mountains of the Western Ghats of Kerala, with altitudes ranging from 700 to 2100 m, is the woodlands region of Wayanad. Home to many an indigenous tribe and also home to Vanamoolika.

An organic farming community of about 450 local farmers who strictly practice organic farming and, more importantly, adhere to traditional farming methods. The mission of the group is to promote the concept of healthy people and wealthy nature.

Vanamoolika is not just an organic producer. It comprises of Organic Wayanad that manages the organic authenticity, the processing centre managed by an all women self-help group and the learning centre that focuses on the cultivation and conservation of medicinal plants and nurturing next generation of farmers.

Vanamoolika adheres to its own fair trading policy called Fair-Hands. Experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds make up the Vanamoolika Advisory & Administrative Board that supports and oversees the policies and the operations. The board supports Vanamoolika in constantly innovating & developing a more responsible and sustainable operation. World of Origins is proud to be a part of the Board.

Apart from being on the Vanamoolika Advisory & Administrative Board, World of Origins also represents Vanamoolika in the overseas market. We identify the right partners & clients for Vanamoolika and help in developing these markets for Vanamoolika.